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Feel the winds of history!

For those who want to feel the winds of history, there are many places to visit along the Göta Canal and in its vicinity. Below we've listed a selection, and you decide whether you make a day trip to a couple of them or make a longer road trip to catch them all.



In the old red harbor warehouse in Sjötorp is our Canal and Maritime Museum. Here you can take part in the history of the Göta canal and the exciting history that recalls the shipping of the past on the Göta canal, Vänern and Lake Vättern.




In Forsvik there is the canal's oldest lock from 1813. There is also Forsvik's mill here, which shows 600 years of Swedish industrial history.



In the summer idyll of Karlsborg, you can experience gunpowder smoke, underground passages and rumbling floors... At Karlsborg Fortress and Fästningsmuseum you can experience exciting guided tours, for both young and old. Within the walls of the mighty fortress from the 19th century, almost a small community has grown up - enjoy good food and coffee, an exciting museum and the beat of history.



Sweden's largest Motor Museum located at Sweden's most beautiful lake harbor. Here is an exciting collection of vehicles and other technology in contemporary environments. Here the whole family can experience a nostalgia trip out of the ordinary.

In Motala there is also the Göta canal exhibition From idea to reality. It is located in one of the two pavilions next to the canal in the Old Motala Workshop area, between Borenshult's locks and the Motala guest harbor in Vättern. The exhibition shows how Baltzar von Platen took the 300-year-old idea of building a waterway across Sweden and realized it by building the Göta Canal. Here you get to meet the people who made it possible to build the canal and the technology they used.


Bergs slussar

I vår utställning  ”En vacker historia” berättar vi mer om våra nästan 200 år av kanalhistoria och hur ingenjörernas utmaningar övervunnits längs vägen. Vi ger smakprov och inblick i hur kanalen upplevts och åldrats under åren, från födelsen fram till idag, och hur den förbereds för framtiden i det stora renoveringsprojektet Göta kanal 2.0. Strax utanför utställningslokalen finns även vår slussportsutställning där du kan gå runt och känna på 200 år gamla slussportar!

Inte långt från slussområdet i Berg hittar du dessutom Vreta Klosters kyrka och klosterruin.


Ljung Castle

Meet the 18th century at Ljungs Slott – Fersenslott and Gustavian gem! The castle is beautifully situated between Ljungsbro and Borensberg. Here you are met by staff who, in their time-honored clothes, want to give you a feeling of the past. Come and take part in the exciting and sometimes dramatic history of the castle and its owners!


Löfstad Castle

A day at Löfstad Castle offers a lot. Join a guided castle tour, wander around one of Sweden's best-preserved English parks, bring a picnic basket and follow our nature and culture trail, have a bite to eat at our beautiful inn or botanize in the fantastic commercial garden.


Stegeborg Castle ruin

S/node/796 and herb garden are beautifully situated and full of knightly romance. The castle ruins are located on a small island in Slätbaken near the entrance to Göta Kanal. During the Middle Ages, Stegeborg was one of Sweden's most important strongholds and a royal castle until the 17th century. The most powerful families of the time met in bloody battles or fierce negotiations at the castle.



Vadstena is a fantastic place halfway between Stockholm and Gothenburg. In the inner city you will find cobblestone alleys, medieval environments, Vadstena Castle and Saint Birgitta's monastery area.

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