A more comfortable campsite

Stay in a glamping tent - a slightly more luxurious adventure


Glamping is short for glamorous camping and means, just as it sounds, a more luxurious form of camping. In practice, this means that you don't have to carry your own tent but spend the night in special glamping tents that are already set up. The tents are comfortably furnished and usually have both a ceiling height that allows you to stand up comfortably, and a real bed. Toilets and showers are usually found in amenities buildings adjacent to the tent pitch. 

Glamping has become very popular in recent years, and now there are several glamping sites along the Göta Canal. They are perfect for those who want to stay close to the great outdoors, but without sacrificing comfort. With families, glamping tends to be popular with both adults and children. Feel free to combine your glamping with a cycling holiday and have an exciting family adventure!

Discover travel blogger Annika Myhre's glamping adventure here!

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Popular experiences to combine with glamping are day trips by passenger boat, museum visits and guided tours. It is also possible to book both bicycles and SUP boards if you do not have your own to bring.

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