Welcome with your pleasure boat to the Göta canal!

To travel on the Göta Canal is a fantastic way to spend your holiday. Around the countless curves, new nature experiences, beyond the ordinary, awaits. The magnificent experience is the same regardless of when you choose to travel.

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In 2024, the Göta Canal will be open May 7 - September 28

May 7 - June 12

High season:
June 13 - August 15

August 16 - September 28

Quick canal facts

Number of locks: 58
Length of the canal: 190 km, 87 km excavated canal
Highest elevation above sea level: 91.8 m


Maximum boat dimensions

Length: 30 m
Width: 7 m
Maximum draught: 2.82 m
Height: 22 m
Maximum speed: 5 knots

Fritidsbåtar på Göta kanal

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Different ways to travel the Göta canal


High season

During the high season the canal is open every day at. 9 am to 6 om, and you are traveling at your own pace. No pre-booking is needed and you choose which of our 21 marinas you stay in. 5 nights in each guest harbor you pass is included in the channel fee.

This season is best for those who have plenty of time and enjoy taking the day as it comes. The whole trip from Sjötorp to Mem, or vice versa, takes approximately 7 days.

Pre- and post-season

At the beginning and end of summer, there is pre- and post-season on the Göta Canal. All boats travel in convoys according to fixed itineraries and the journey from Sjötorp to Mem, or vice versa, takes 5 days. The convoys depart 3 days per week, and tickets must be booked at least 5 days in advance. Therefore, these parts of the season are sometimes called booking season.

If you have bought a new boat and are in need of transport to your home port, this is the perfect season. You get to experience Sweden's most classic boat trip, while the price is lower and the passage is faster than during the high season.

The journey goes even faster if you choose the Göta Canal Express ticket. Then you travel through the entire Göta Canal in just 3 days. You can also choose the start date completely freely. It is a relatively demanding journey, but ideal for those who want to transport their boat quickly.

Entire Göta Canal - The classic route

To travel the whole Göta Canal is a real classic, something typically Swedish and a dream for many. Others have the journey as a tradition and do it every year. The trip goes from Sjötorp by Lake Vänern to Mem by the Baltic Sea, or vice versa. If you want to start or end your trip in Gothenburg, to cross Sweden, you also need to buy a ticket for the Trollhätte Canal operated by the Swedish Maritime Administration.

During the pre- and post-seasons, the trip takes 5 days according to a set itinerary. The duration of the journey during the high season depends on the current traffic situation on the canal. Make sure to spend a lot of time and take the opportunity to enjoy all the experiences along the way. 5 nights in each marina are included in the canal ticket!

Are you also traveling the Trollhätte Canal, you need to add another 3-4 days to your schedule.

Göta kanal leg of the journey - A shorter trip

If you don´t want to travel the entire Göta canal, you can choose to travel only one of our canal sections. This suits you who want to bring your boat on a trailer and make a shorter trip, or who already have your boat in one of the lakes along the Göta Canal.

Sjötorp - Karlsborg
On this section you experience the highest point of the canal, 91.8 meters above sea level and the very special Spetsnäs canal. During the pre- and post-seasons, this distance takes 2 days, and during high season 1-3 days.

Motala - Berg
Experience the flight of locks in Borenshult, the flight of locks in Berg and the long canal - a 20 km section without any locks. During the pre- and post-seasons, this distance takes 2 days and during high season 1-3 days.

Norsholm - Mem
The journey from Norsholm takes you under the E4 Bridge, and further to one of Sweden's best ice cream restaurants, in Söderköping. During the pre- and post-seasons, this distance takes 1 day and during high season 1-2 days.


The Mini trip - Try out the canal life

Would you like to try out how to travel on the Göta Canal, maybe for the first time. The Mini trip is a special offer that can be booked during the high season for four specially selected sections, all with its unique character and charm. In addition to the canal trip, 3 marina nights are included in the ticket.

Choose between:
• Sjötorp - Lyrestad
• Karlsborg - Vassbacken
• Motala - Borensberg
• Mem - Söderköping

Your own setup - When you want to decide yourself

To travel the Göta Canal according to your own setup is a service for those who wish to make an individual layout of the canal trip during the pre- and post-seasons.

Perhaps you want to stay in a marina other than the one included in the set itinerary, or you may want to stay longer in one of the lakes.

Describe your needs and we will come back to you with a quote and a solution that suits you.


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Båt slussar i Sjöslussen

good to know

Before your trip on the Göta Canal

Engelska skepparguider

Skipper´s Guide

When you check in for your trip, you receive a Skipper's Guide from the lock keeper together with your service cards. It contains most of what you need to know before and during your trip on the Göta Canal.

If you want to read it even before you get here, you may browse it online.


Skipper´s Guide

Good to know

During your canal trip

Frequently asked questions

Practical information


Nautical charts

The canal offices at the Göta Canal entrances in Sjötorp and Mem have two different nautical charts, which cover the Göta Canal, for sale.

Nautical chart, the Göta Canal and the Trollhätte Canal, Mem-Göteborg. Swedish Maritime Administration.
Cover the route Mem-Gothenburg, the whole of Lake Vättern and the southern part of Lake Vänern. Also contains a separate canal and marina description with aerial photographs of the marinas in the Göta Canal and Lake Vättern as well as canal description for the the Trollhätte Canal. (In Swedish)

Nautical chart No. 8, the Göta Canal & the Trollhätte Canal. Bilingual Swedish / German. Nautical Publications.
Cover the route Mem-Göteborg including the passage over Lake Vättern and Lake Vänern. Contains descriptions of sights of interest.


Itineraries for pre- and post season 

During pre- and post season all boats travel in convoys according to a set itinerary. You receive he itinerary for your trip from the lock keeper at check in. You may also read and download the itineraries here:  

Göta Canal 5 days            Göta Canal Express 3 days


Locking Up - The bonus club

The Göta Canal bonus club "Locking Up" is for visitors who travel the canal with their own boats. You receive news and special offers, and if you travel the canal you’ll earn your first discount by the second year. Membership is free.



General terms & traffic regulations

For travel on the Göta Canal, the Maritime Traffic Regulations in TSFS 2019:140 and AB Göta Kanalbolag's General Terms and Conditions apply. Please note that these only apply to travel on the Göta Canal, Mem-Sjötorp or vice versa. For travel on the Trollhätte Canal, the Swedish Transport Administration's rules apply.

TSFS 2019:140          General terms



Damage during your trip

Sometimes things happen. Here you can read more about what to do if an injury occurs during your trip on the Göta Canal.



Interruption insurance

Sometimes, you are faced with unexpected problems during your journey, problems which may force you to interrupt it. We therefore offer you an interruption insurance policy, that comes into effect if you are forced to interrupt your journey because your boat has broken down. In that event, you will be compensated with a new journey, equal to the one originally booked, so that you can return to experience the Göta Canal as planned. The interruption insurance is bought when you book your ticket.


Marine service

Do you need help with anything on your boat during the trip? Here you will find those who can help you.



Trailer ramps

Do you wish to drive your boat to the Göta Canal on a trailer? Here you will find the trailer ramps located along the Göta Canal.

Read more...



Fishing in the Göta canal is a pleasant experience, but there are certain rules that are important to follow. You can read more about them here:



Where can I fill up?

Fuel along the Göta Canal

Which one do you choose?

The Göta Canal marinas

Selected filters:

Good to know

For those who want to travel further

Are you traveling all the way to or from Gothenburg,
or do you perhaps want to make a detour to Linköping and Kinda canal?

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