Walk along the Göta Canal

The beautiful hike

Hiking is a great activity, both on your own and together with others. A hike along the towpaths adjacent to the Göta Canal is a wonderfully tranquil experience, yet never boring. You will come close to the ever-changing natural surroundings, boating life and picturesque little localities in pleasant succession. Your experience will be an even better one if you treat yourself to good fool and sleep in a nice bed at the end of every hiking day. 

Practical info

Hiking guides 

Sjötorp - Tåtorp 

Tåtorp - Sjötorp 

Berg - Borensberg

Borensberg - Berg 

Rest stops

Camping is permitted at rest stops, where there are also dry toilets. Camping is not permitted at locks and bridges or in our marinas. In Västergötland there are a number of rest areas with shelter from the wind and a barbecue area, and on the Östgöta side, in addition to a rest stop with a wind shelter, there are several rest areas with a barbecue area.



Feel free to use our cycle map, which also works well for hiking. It can be collected from tourist offices and companies along the Göta canal.

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