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Together we develop the Göta Canal visitor destination

The Göta Canal is one of Sweden’s most popular tourist destinations, by far, with millions of visitors every year. Along the Göta Canal, a large number of companies are working together to develop the area even further and offer those who visit a memorable experience, characterised by service-mindedness and hospitality. 

The Göta Canal Official Partners are a network of companies, formed as part of a common initiative called Samverkan Göta kanal (Göta Canal Cooperation). This cooperative initiative involves the two regions of Västra Götaland and Östergötland and the seven local councils connected to the canal: Mariestad, Töreboda, Karlsborg, Motala, Linköping, Norrköping and Söderköping, the Göta Canal Company and the members of the network Göta Canal Official Partners. The purpose of Samverkan Göta kanal is to coordinate these efforts and to market the Göta Canal as a tourist destination. Always with the goal of giving you as a visitor the best possible experience when you are here!


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The company network

What are the Göta Canal Official Partners?

Göta Canal Official Partners are a network of companies along the Göta Canal, cooperating all year round to create an even more attractive destination, an extended season with more visitors and improved quality assurance for the products and services surrounding the canal. The network has meetings twice a year to share experiences, create collaborative package deals and receive training in service, hospitality and to learn about the Göta Canal as a facility of cultural-historical importance.

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