The Göta Canal marinas

The 21 guest harbors in the Göta Canal

Along the Göta Canal there are 21 marinas, between Mem and Sjötorp, where the canal ticket is valid. The canal fee includes 5 nights in each marina on the route for which you purchased a ticket. It also includes all the marina facilities available in the respective marina, such as electricity, water, showers, wc, laundry and septic tank evacuation. If you need to stay longer than 5 nights, you can buy extra nights from the lock keepers.

The marina facilitates may differ between the marinas. Down below, and in the Skipper´s guide you can read more about the marinas and service  available at each location.



There is no room for reservation in any of the marinas along the Göta Canal. Drop in and first come true apply for all.


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