Really close to the canal!

Göta Canal + camper van = true

Holidaying with a camper van gives a true sense of freedom, and the fact that the Göta Canal is a popular destination for camper van aficionados cannot be missed. During the summer months, the destination is filled with camper vans and new pitches are added almost every year.

What is a pitch?

A pitch is a place adapted for short-term overnight stays. It is not classified as a campsite, and therefore it is usually not allowed to set up camper trailers on the site or pitch tents. Along the Göta Canal, you will find everything from simple pitches without electricity, to facilities offering waste collection, access to fresh water and amenities buildings with toilets, showers and laundry facilities. You can read about which services are available at each pitch below. 


Do we need to book in advance?

There are two types of pitches along the Göta Canal - those that need to be booked in advance and those that offer drop-in. You can see below which ones can be pre-booked, and you click the booking button to reserve a place for a particular day. One suggestion is to plan and book an entire canal trip over several days and follow the Göta Canal from east to west or vice versa. 

Experience tips!

It's a great idea to combine a stay at one of the Göta Canal's pitches can be with an experience, either on land or on water.

Book one of the day trips by passenger boat or go on an evening shrimp cruise. Join a guided tour and learn something new or visit one of the museums along the canal. There are hundreds of experiences here!

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