The Göta Canal company

AB Göta kanalbolag

The Göta Canal Company was founded in 1810 when construction work began on the canal. The original shipping traffic on the canal has been replaced by tourists in pleasure craft and passenger boats. The entire Göta Canal area is one of Sweden’s most popular attractions for visitors from Sweden and abroad.

AB Göta kanalbolag manages the canal and properties around it. Property management includes forest, lands and buildings with both historical and practical ties to the canal. The company owns about 400 buildings. The Göta kanalbolag also carries out extensive maintenance and renovations.


Contact details

AB Göta kanalbolag
Box 3
591 21 Motala

Visiting address: Platensgatan 12, 591 35 Motala, Sweden 556197-7587

Phone: +46 (0)141-20 20 50

Our vision

The love for the canal, the interest in our history and the need for a sustainable future mean that Göta canal has a place in everyone's heart.


Our mission

To preserve and restore the cultural-historical building and to create conditions for tourism.

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