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If you wish to enjoy a better stay during your time on or by the Göta Canal, there are several canal-side accommodations to choose from. It can sometimes be difficult to know what separates a small hotel from a guest house, and the designations are often used synonymously with each other. Along the Göta Canal, most accommodation facilities are small-scale, and a welcoming atmosphere is given greater weight than the name of the establishment.

A boarding house is often characterised by being just a smaller hotel, where you are also offered food in the form of breakfast and dinner. At the turn of the last century, when boarding houses had their heyday, they were popular among people who wanted to leave everyday life for a while, relax and enjoy nature. Traditionally, the guests ate their dinners together and afterwards gathered in the common room to discuss and socialise. Much of this has changed today, for example you don't have to stay a whole week at the same boarding house. But the atmosphere still remains along large parts of the Göta Canal. 

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When you book your accommodation, you can also add experiences to your booking.

Why not combine your stay with renting a bike and cycling a bit along the canal? Or take the opportunity to go on a day or evening trip with one of the passenger boats. 


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