Övre slussen i Trollhättan

Are you traveling to or from Gothenburg?

The Trollhätte Canal is operated by the Swedish Maritime Administration and is not just a link between the Göta Canal and Sweden’s west coast, it is also an important route for merchant ships. The canal is 82 kilometres long, of which 10 kilometres have been blasted or excavated. The remainder of the fairway is a natural part of the river Göta älv.


The canal control centre is a hub

The bridges across the Trollhätte Canal, from Jordfall and Bohusbron in the south to Dalbobron up north, are remotely operated from the canal control centre in Trollhättan. This also applies to the six locks: Lilla Edet (the Ström lock), Trollhättan and Brinkebergskulle. All bridges and locks are therefore monitored by CCTV cameras.

The canal control centre is also responsible for operation of the Köpmannebro railroad bridge, the Falsterbo bridge and the long lock on the Falsterbo Canal. This is also where you pay your canal fee.


Opening hours

Bridges and locks are open to pleasure craft passage 9 AM - 7 PM daily. Some waiting times may however occur. Commercial shipping takes precedence over pleasure craft, and if several vessels are queuing at the Trollhättan flight of locks, you may have to wait for a few hours. The next locking time is shown on digital information signs near the lock.


Guest harbours

Guest harbours for overnight stays can be found at the upper Trollhättan lock in Åkersjö, in central Trollhättan, at Spikön, as well as at Vänersborg. An overnight stay at the Åkersjö guest harbour is included in the canal fee. 


More information and contact

VHF channel 9 is used for communication at locks and bridges. You can also call +46 76 796 183 00 for information on locking, bridge openings and any waiting times. More information is available online at www.sjofartsverket.se or from the Trollhätte Canal app.