Flygbild på båtar i Riksbergs slusstrappa

Opening hours & duration

A trip on the Göta Canal is packed with experiences. We recommend that you allow plenty of time and enjoy enjoying everything you encounter during the trip. How long it takes depends on which sections you choose to travel, as well as during which season you travel. During high season, the canal is open every day from 9 AM to 6 PM. On certain sections there are extended opening hours during certain periods. During the booking season, all the pleasure boats travel in convoys according to a set itinerary, and locks and bridges are kept open according to this.


2023 the Göta Canal is open from May 4th to September 30th

May 4 - June 16

High season:
June 17 - August 16

August 17 - September 30


High season

During the high season, a trip on the Göta Canal from Mem to Sjötorp, or vice versa, usually takes 6-8 days. If you only travel one or two legs of the journey, you can count on the following timeframe:

Sjötorp - Karlsborg 1-3 days
Motala - Berg 1-3 days
Norsholm - Mem 1-2 days

Some weeks, when many people are on vacation and want to travel the Göta Canal, there may be a lot of traffic, which may create waiting times.


Pre- and -post-season (fixed itinerary)

During the pre- and post-season all traffic is carried out in convoys according to a set itierary. The journey through the Göta Canal from Sjötorp to Mem, or vice versa, takes 5 days according to the itinerary. If you only travel one or two legs of the journey, the following number of days applies:

Sjötorp - Karlsborg 2 days
Motala - Berg 2 days
Norsholm - Mem 1 day


Göta Canal Express

During the pre- and post-season you can also purchase the ticket Göta Canal Express, suitable for those who want to transport their boat quickly through the canal. The entire Göta Canal takes 3 days, and the sections one day each, with the Express ticket.


The locks opening hours

During the pre- and post-season all boats travel in convoys according to a set itinerary, and locking and bridge openings are carried out accordingly.

During high season the Göta Canal is open every day from 9 AM to 6 PM. Please note that last locking must be completed at. 6 PM and before it should also be possible to get to a marina or other night harbor. Therefore, last locking at a specific lock can be significantly earlier.


Trollhätte Canal

If you continue on through Sweden to Gothenburg and the west coast, count on 2–3 more days for Lake Vänern and the Trollhätte Canal. Read more about the Trollhätte Canal.


Distances and navigation times

Note: Navigation times depend on the current traffic situation; you may have to wait during your canal journey. Read more about waits in the Skipper’s Guide.



Prova på kanallivet

- ett specialerbjudande på kortare sträckor

Vi vet att vissa endast vill gå en kortare sträcka på Göta kanal, och inte har möjlighet att gå en hel delsträcka eller vara borta så länge som det tar att resa hela Göta kanal. Andra vill bara prova på kanallivet och testa att slussa, innan de bestämmer sig för en längre kanalsemester. Därför har vi tagit fram Miniresan.

Miniresan kostar 900 kr inkl. 3 gästhamnsnätter och finns under högsäsongen att köpa på sträckorna:

  • Sjötorp - Lyrestad
  • Karlsborg - Vassbacken
  • Motala - Borensberg
  • Mem - Söderköping


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