Segelbåt på väg mot Söderköpings hamn

Price & booking

The price of your ticket depends on the size of your boat, how long and what time of the season you wish to travel. The entire Göta Canal runs from Mem to Sjötorp, or vice versa. You can also choose to travel only one or two of the Mem-Norsholm, Berg-Motala or Karlsborg-Sjötorp sections.


Opening dates 2024: 

May 7  -  June 12

High season 
 June 13 -  August 15

August 16 - September 28 


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High season

Price list high season 2024

Price list high season July 2024

During high season Göta canal is open every day at. 9-18 and you go at your own pace the distance you selected.


Pre- and post season

Pricelist pre and post season 2024

During the pre- and post-season, you travel in convoy according to a set itneraray for the distance you selected. This period it is also possible to book an express trip for faster transport through the Göta Canal. 




Price list express 2024




You book and pay for your trip online. There you fill in the date, distance and details of your boat, and the correct price will be calculated automatically. During the booking season, the ticket must be booked and paid 5 days in advance and during peak season there is also the possibility to buy a ticket at one of our canal offices.


What is included

Your ticket for the Göta Canal includes:

  • 5 nights per marina at the current distance *
  • Marina facilities (toilet, shower, laundry)
  • Electricity in marinas, due to availability
  • Drinking water
  • Septitc tank and latrine scavenging
  • In addition, a return ticket is a season ticket for unlimited travel on purchased distance with the same ship and boat.

* Does not apply to pre- and post-season, so guest harbor nights are included in the fixed road plan.


Extra nights

If you need to stay longer than the five nights included in one of the marinas, you can buy extra nights from the lock keepers at the canal offices. The price is 255 SEK/night or 1275 SEK/week.


Extra stops in addition to the itinerary during booking season

Even during the pre- and post-season, when traveling according to a fixed itinerary, it is possible to add extra stops along the way. To do this, you first book a trip for the distance and start date you wish, then contact AB Göta kanalbolag, who manually adjust your itinerary in the booking system to arrange the trip according to your wishes.

For extra stopovers in the marinas according to the itinerary, no extra fee is charged. If you want to stay in other marinas, this can also be done, but at an additional cost, because you may need an additional lock keeper to connect to the convoy.


Ticket refund

Tickets may be refunded before the start of the journey. A cancellation fee of 500 SEK will be deducted from the refunded amount. If the journey has already begun, or the canal has closed for the season, no ticket refund will be given.


Trollhätte Canal

AB Göta Kanalbolag only operates and sells tickets for the Göta Canal. The section Vänersborg - Gothenburg is the Trollhätte Canal, which is operated by the Swedish Maritime Administration. If you want to travel this route, you buy a ticket at the Canal control centre in Trollhättan.
Read more about the Trollhätte Canal here

Try out canal life

Mini trip
- a special offer on shorter routes

We know that some only want to go a short distance on the Göta Canal. They can not go a longer distance or stay away as long as it takes to travel the entire Göta Canal. Others just want to try out the canal life and experience the locking, before deciding on a longer canal holiday. Therefore, we have developed Miniresan, the mini trip.

Miniresan costs from SEK 950  incl. 3 nights in the marina, and is available during the high season on the routes:

Sjötorp - Lyrestad
Karlsborg - Vassbacken
Motala - Borensberg
Mem - Söderköping


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