How does it work?

Lockage is easy, fun and challenging!

Read more about locking before your Göta Canal trip. 
Remember to always use a life jacket and ask the lock keeper for help if you feel unsure.
The boat's engine must be switched off during locking, and at least one person must be on shore to receive the lines.

Rules & equipment

To lock on the Göta Canal your boat needs fenders and lines, and it has to be properly insured.

The most basic equipment you need is:
• Stern line 8-10 m
• Bow line 12 m
• Plenty of fenders on both sides of the boat, placed both high and low

In the lock you should have put out enough fenders and have at least one person ashore to catch the lines, with the boater´s responsibility. The engine should be switched off since exhaust gases otherwise gather in the lock and increases the risk of fire.

Always wear your life vest and listen to the lock keepers advice. Let him or her know if you are feeling unsure, or if it´s your first time locking.

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Lockage up

Boats with winches should be in front of those being held by hand. Secure the boat with a short stern line both on land and in the boat. The stern of the boat should be directly below the ring the stern line secured to.

The bow line should be one or two rings in front of the bow. All lines must be taut throughout lockage - haul in the bow line! Sailing boats can use their winch for the bow line. The boat must remain very close to the lock wall.

Please note that boats heavier than 20 tons must be secured to a bollard rather than a ring.

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Lockage down

Stay ahead of the yellow line to ensure that the boat is clear of the lock threshold when the water is released.

Pull the bow and stern lines through suitable rings on the lock edge, but never secure the lines on both the quay and the boat. Release the lines continuously.

In a double lock or flight of locks one person should remain on land to move the lines. However, before lockage begins in the final lock chamber, everyone should be on board.

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