Familj vid sluss

The Eastern side of the Göta canal with children

Taking the family on a road trip along the Göta canal in Östergötland can be the best adventure of the year. There is plenty to discover for both young and old. See the boats being lifted and lowered by the water in the locks, challenge each other to mini golf or pet channel sheep. And don't forget to stop often, to rest your legs and eat ice cream or something else good!



Start the day by climbing Ramunderberget and looking at the view of Söderköping and the canal. A great experience for both children and adults! When you have settled down again, it may be time for an ice cream, how lucky then that the ice cream restaurant Smultronstället is located right next to the lock. If the line is long, as it sometimes can be, you can let the children play in the playground next door, with sluicing boats as a background. You also have time for a walk through the picturesque town centre, did you know that parts of the Madicken films are filmed here?



Take the opportunity to take a turn into Norrköping on your adventure along the Göta canal. Here are many classic characteristics of Sweden's ninth largest city. In addition to football and yellow trams, a wide range of family-friendly attractions, sights, amusements and fun activities await. A must is to look at the old industrial landscape at Motala Ström, which flows straight through the city.



After a while of exciting city life, you can head further west. Stop by Brådtom's lock café for a coffee and say hello to the farm's cats, rabbits and happy sparrow hens. (Did you stay longer than expected in Söderköping and think Brådtom is a cozy place - Then you can also spend the night here, in the middle of a Swedish summer idyll!)



Bergs slussar

Next destination – Bergs slussar! You can also end the day here. Play a round of mini golf or take a dip at the child-friendly beach in Roxen. Be impressed by the large sluice gates in the lock gate exhibition. Or watch the last boats entering the night harbor from the terrace of the canal pub Delimo, while enjoying a good hamburger. You should stay the night at Bergs slussar hostels/cottages.

If you want to take a trip into Linköping city, we suggest that you take the boat M/S Stockholm from Berg into Linköping and back!



The next day you hopefully wake up rested, and take a few minutes away to Malfors. Here you can visit the newly built activity park which is suitable for children of all ages. Have a coffee at Malfors Café and then visit the Cloettafabriken outlet in Ljungsbro before you continue. It is guaranteed to be one of the favorite stops on the trip!



Have a good lunch at the historic Göta hotel, which you will find right next to the canal. After lunch, the children will probably want to help raise the lock for the boats that will pass right below the terrace. The lock in Borensberg is one of two locks that are still opened manually. Have a coffee at Kaffeteriet or watch caramel production at Börslycke gård. If you have time, you go or drive away to Glasbrukets Café and hostel, where some of the canal sheep have their pasture. They usually don't mind being petted! At Glasbruket there is also canoe rental for those who feel like paddeling.




You finally continue to Motala where you stroll in the harbor in the warm summer evening. Have a good dinner at one of the restaurants and let the children play on the lakeside-inspired playground by Lake Vättern. Here you can ride a swan as well as a pike!

Another must for all children visiting Motala is Café Mallboden, which offers some of Sweden's tastiest waffles with exciting fillings of both raspberry boats and chocolate balls.

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