Mallboden Café  by Göta kanal

Mallboden Café by Göta kanal

Enjoy Swedish fika (coffe and cake) in Motala in a historic setting by the Göta canal. Motala Verkstad's old workers' housing has been converted into a hostel and the warehouse for old boat templates is now a cozy cafe.

Product description

Our café mainly offers our famous waffles. The classic with strawberry jam and wipped cream is still the favourite. Of course, you can make your own classic favorite with redcurrant jam, raspberry jam, ice cream or something else. There are some good contenders in waffle heaven. "Summer" - a waffle with seasonal fruits and berries together with ice cream and cream makes it very popular. The sweeter contenders "Rocky road" and "Marängsviss" are also many guests favorite. "Rocky road" is served with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, marshmallows, nuts, chocolate caramel and noisette sauce. "Marängsviss" with meringues, bananas, chopped chocolate, ice cream, whipped cream and noisette sauce. Of course there is also a "Göta canal" waffle - it is served with ice cream, whipped cream and of course raspberry boats (a local candy)...

There are also lots of home-baked delicacies. The Swedish cake, the apple cake, the kladdkakan, the daimtårtan, the carrot cake usually appear in the cake fridge and share the same place with cinnamon buns, rhinestone burgers, almond cakes, chocolate balls and chocolate biscuits.

During peak season, lunches and light meals are also offered. The menu includes baked potatoes, lasagne, caesar salad and the thin Tarte flambé. We serve the food outside in the garden where you can sit in a cozy environment and watch the canal boats slowly pass by.

Göta canal
A more beautiful environment is harder to find for your walk or bike ride. Head east towards Borenshult locks where you can follow the canal boats down the 15 meter falling lock stairs out into Boren. If you want the bike ride continues via lake Boren until Göta canal continues in Borensberg and then continues past Ljungsbro and Bergs locks. If you choose to head west, you will soon pass the grave of Baltzar von Platen. Baltzar von Platen who founded and led the construction of the Göta canal and also drew the city plan of Motala. Unfortunately, Baltzar died in 1829, three years before the Göta canal was completed. Further along the Göta canal you reach Motala harbour, where the Göta canal ends into lake Vättern.

Motala Workshop
At the Mallboden Café & Vandarhem is the cradle of Motala industry.

Warm welcome!

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    Varvsgatan 17
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    591 60
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    Our opening hours during season.
    We always open up our café March 25. (The Waffle day)
    From then we are open Saturdays and Sundays 11am to 4 pm.
    From May 1st we are open everyday 11am-4pm.
    From first Monday in June we are open 9am-6pm. From first Monday after midsummer eve (usually last Monday in June) we are open Monday to Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm.
    In the end of August we are going back to 11am-4pm, and we close up for the season in mid September.
    For exact opening hours and changes please check out our website or
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