The göta Canal Trail

Section 2: Töreboda - Tåtorp

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This section takes you from Töreboda to Tåtorp by Lake Viken. You will follow the gravel towpath along Göta Canal, and pass the canal's only island, which is also its highest point.

Section 2 of the Göta Canal Trail starts in Töreboda where you follow the towpath south on the east side of the canal. Once upon a time it was used by draught animals towing boats on the canal, but today it is a very good cycle path. At Jonsboda you cycle across the bridge and continue on the west side. Both there and in Vassbacken it is possible to stop for coffee and food. Just like many other localities along the canal, these too have had a strong connection with the waterway throughout the ages. 


When you pass Vassbacken, the environment changes and you leave the open plains. Now the surroundings become more forested and mountainous. This section of the canal took the workers 7 years to complete because they had to blast their way through ancient rock. Here you pass the man-made island of Lanthöjden, where an obelisk marks the highest land point along the Göta Canal. 


Arriving in Tåtorp, you can spend the night or have a coffee at the Tåtorp Café & hostel, or continue cycling on section 3. Here you can also see boats passing through one of the Göta Canal's two manually operated locks