The artwork Rabbit Crossing
The artwork Rabbit Crossing

The artwork Rabbit Crossing

Read more about the artwork Rabbit rossning, which is located west of the guest harbor in Söderköping here!

Product description

Something strange happens in Söderköping. The escape from the countryside has reached the forest around Ramunderberget and now the rabbits flee to the city.

In order to facilitate the attracted rabbits, artist Eva Fornåå has established a "Rabbit crossing" west of the guest harbor in Söderköping.
Her own description of the artwork is:
"To get over to the other side of the canal courtesy, cooperation and helpfulness is needed, whether you are rabbit and cross the canal or a canal traveler who wishes a pleasant journey along the same ...Corage to take the decisive leap, down into another element and a helping hand up on the other side. We have more in common than we think and a lot to learn from our relatives, the rabbits."

The Vision at Water art project has made a good impression along the Göta Canal since a few years back. The annual art competition has resulted in several permanent artworks along the Göta Canal.