The Göta Canal – an adventure to share Travelling on the Göta Canal is an incredible experience. The 200-year-old locks, gliding along at five knots and enjoying a unique boat ride straight across Sweden. It´s time to start planning for your summer adventure. We’re waiting for you! Book your trip now
When the journey itself is the goal Go aboard one of the canal vessels and become part of a different world. Leave stress and chores ashore. Wind down as the boat leaves the harbour and glides along the canal with a majestic calm. A Göta Canal cruise can last for anything from a few hours to almost a week. Nine passenger boats service the canal, each with its own, unique character. Passenger boats

Do you also long for summer?

Although winter is an exciting time along the Göta Canal, we guess there are many with us who also long for summer and next year's canal season. Therefoe, we made a shot movie for you. 

Canal stories

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Canal stories

Göta Canal

Gota Canal - Blue line

Trollhätte Canal - Red line