Canal cruises – relaxing and ever-changing Relax on the sun deck watching the patchwork landscape roll by. Enjoy a delicious meal on board. A canal cruise is total relaxation, but never boring. Book your trip for this summer now. Passenger boat
Rent a boat Enjoy canal life in your own, rented, boat. With a rented boat you can experience the Göta Canal and the feeling of going through the locks without having to think about repairs, waxing and winter storage. We recommend two boat hire companies – Göta Kanal Charter and SweCanalBoats. Boat rental

Do you also long for summer?

Although winter is an exciting time along the Göta Canal, we guess there are many with us who also long for summer and next year's canal season. Therefoe, we made a shot movie for you. 

Canal stories

Read the canal stories from our customers.

Canal stories

Göta Canal

Gota Canal - Blue line

Trollhätte Canal - Red line