The Göta Canal Trail

Section 4: Motala - Borensberg

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This section takes you from Motala harbour to Borensberg. You will start by the Göta Canal company headquarters and pass the old Motala workshops In Borensberg you can see one of two manually operated locks.

Section 4 of the Göta Canal trail starts at Motala harbour, outside the Göta Canal company headquarters. You can either begin your bicycle journey here, or you will be arriving by boat from Karlsborg on the other side of Lake Vättern. The first part of this section runs along the towpath to the west, and passes through the historic, old Motala workshop district. The workshops were founded as service workshops for the construction of the canal, and are considered the cradle of Swedish industry. Here you can stop for coffee at Café Mallboden, serving somewhat world-famous waffle creations. If you would like to learn more about the construction of the canal, there is also the exhibition "From idea to reality". 


When you have passed Borenshult's locks, you continue on the old country road towards Borensberg. The road does not have a lot of traffic since the new road was inaugurated, but offers a splendid view of Lake Boren. At the front of Borensberg, there are grocery stores, restaurants and cafes, and you can enjoy both good food and quality accommodation at the historic Göta hotel. You can also help the lock keeper raise the manually operated lock.