Göta kanals dragväg

Riding along the Göta Canal

The car-free towpaths along the Göta canal attract many different categories of visitors all year round. Some activities, such as horse riding, are better suited when the canal season is not underway.

General ban on riding
In general, it is prohibited to ride all year round around the towns and on other stretches along the Göta canal during the canal season 1 May-30 September. The rest of the year, riding is allowed.


Special rules and exceptions
However, there are special rules on certain sections of the canal, and there are signs prohibiting bicycles, mopeds and/or riding. These then apply all year round, just like other traffic signs.


The year-round ban applies to the following routes:

Brickworks lock - E22 bridge
Bridge road 215 (g:a E4) – Norsholm's bridge
Berg (Roxenmynningen) – Skarpåsen (west of Ljungsbro)
Näs bridge – Borensberg (the pier at Boren)
Borenshult – Motala
Rotkilen's bridge – Gastorp's bridge
Sjötorp 4-5 – Sjöslussen Sjötorp

Exceptions exist, where riding clubs have made special agreements with AB Göta canal company to be allowed to ride on a shorter part of a towpath during certain times. These agreements then only apply to members of the riding club in question.