The children's friend on the Göta Canal

Say hello to Grynet the Badger! 

Grynet Grävling is not like other badgers, she is seven years old and lives in a cosy little den by the Göta Canal. All her life she has lived in the beautiful environment that surrounds the canal with her adventurous parents who have always told stories about the various locks, boats and the beautiful landscapes. You quickly recognise her by the blue cap she always wears, a gift from her grandfather Göte Grävling. 


Grynet is both curious and adventurous!

When it comes to everything to do with the Göta Canal, Grynet has an almost tireless curiosity. She loves to explore just about everything, whether it's climbing trees to get a better view of the canal, taking a bicycle ride on the towpath or swimming with the fishes. Also, she is a very kind girl, quickly befriending everyone she meets, especially the children who visit the canal and find it as exciting as she does. 


Grynet loves boats!

When a new type of boat passes on the canal, Grynet is always excited. She absolutely loves all types of boats! At home on a shelf in her den, she has a little collection of handmade model boats that she carved. She has a natural aptitude for solving problems and often helps the canal's staff with various tasks, from oiling machinery to finding lost items that have fallen into the water. Sometimes she even gets to help her idols – the lock keepers – with the locking!  Every night she writes down all the amazing things she learned and experienced during the day, in her little notebook.

Familj på brygga

Tips from Grynet!

Extra child-friendly options along the Göta Canal

There are lots of exciting things to both see and do along the Göta Canal, and a lot of good things to eat too, of course. Who would say no to loads of ice cream, or waffles with sweets on top? Here you will find Grynet's suggestions for child-friendly tours on the east and west sides of the canal.


Child friendly!

Göte och Göta

Grynet's grandparents

Göte & Göta Grävling

Göte and Göta Grävling, whose ancestors were already here when the canal was built, were once legendary figures along the Göta Canal. Unfortunately, they are no longer with us, but their legacy lives on through Grynet. It was Göte Grävling who gave Grynet the blue cap and her first model boat, and she carries their memory with her in all the adventures she makes along the Göta Canal. She always strives to be as brave, knowledgeable and friendly as they were, and she wants to impart the same sense of adventurousness that they did to everyone they met.  


Painting and crafts

Grynet's colouring pictures & crafts

Would you like to paint and do crafts with Grynet? Go ahead!
 Download colouring pictures and crafts for free here. 

Bokstäver till hitta orden

Hitta orden! 

Grynet har satt ihop några kluriga kanalord som du kan hjälpa henne att hitta. Perfekt sysselsättning när du väntar på glass eller slussning! 


Ladda ner!