Day trip Töreboda - Lake Viken - Töreboda with M/S Ceres
Day trip Töreboda - Lake Viken - Töreboda with M/S Ceres
Day trip Töreboda - Lake Viken - Töreboda with M/S Ceres
14 Jul - 10 Aug

Day trip Töreboda - Lake Viken - Töreboda with M/S Ceres

Enjoy good food and drink on board the ship M/S Ceres, as we slowly glide through magical nature on the West Göta side of the Göta Canal, the stretch Töreboda to Sjön Viken.

Product description

The day trip goes from Töreboda to lake Viken, where we turn around and go back to Töreboda. On board the restaurant, a cold archipelago plate or a charcuterie plate, dessert and coffee or tea are served.


10:00, departures from Kanaltorget - Järnvägsgatan 2 in Töreboda, for travel via Göta Canal to lake Viken.

approx. 15:00, arrival at Kanaltorget - Järnvägsgatan 2 in Töreboda.

Highlights during the canal tour:

Töreboda - here is Sweden's smallest regular ferry, Lina, which transports passengers between the two parts of the city. Töreboda station is a station building from 1859 in Töreboda where the railway crosses the Göta canal. Baltzar von Platen's canal project and Nils Ericson's railway network were united here

Jonsboda - Here we pass Jonsboda bridge and Jonsboda bridge keeper's cabin.

Wassbacken - Wassbacken is located in a bay by Wassbacken's bridge.

Lanthöjden - is the second highest point of the excavated Göta canal line, 91.3 meters above sea level. Here the Göta canal is at its narrowest.

Bergskanalen - The canal stretch between Lanthöjden and Tåtorp. On a stretch of 3.5 kilometres, the canal builders had to blast their way through tough primeval rock in magical nature.

Tåtorp - is scenically located where the Göta canal flows into lake Viken. Tåtorp's lock is the only manually operated lock on the Västgöta side. The lock gates are still opened with walking games. The lock regulates the water level between the canal and lake Viken.

Sjön viken - is Göta Kanal's highest point, 91.5 meters above sea level. Together with Lake Unden, Lake Viken forms the water reservoir for the locks on the Göta Canal's Västgötalinje.


You choose one of our cold plates:

Archipelago plate - with the delicacies of the sea. Served with freshly boiled potatoes.

Charcuterie plate - with different types of charcuterie. Served with a spring of our own

potato salad.


Coffee or tea

The price includes:

The boat trip

Guiding the tour

An archipelago plate or a charcuterie plate.


Coffee or tea.

Adult incl. food

Children 4-12 years incl. food

Children 0-3 years free, food not included (max. 2 free children per party)

Dogs must be booked in advance (in step 2)

Practical information:

All trips must be booked in advance.

Consumption of your own alcoholic beverages and brought food is not permitted

on board.

Allergies or dietary deviations must always be reported and approved by

the shipping company.

Dogs are allowed on board with placement on level 2 (sun deck).

All types of smoking, including electronic cigarettes, are not permitted on board.

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    +46 0771- 50 50 60
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    Kanaltorget - Järnvägsgatan 2
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    545 31
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