Segelbåt vid brygga i solnedgång

From Stockholm, it's not that far to the Göta Canal!

Do you have your boat in Stockholm? Are you looking to do something different than crowding with other Stockholmers at Sandhamn or elsewhere in Stockholm's archipelago? Then, we would recommend steering south, aiming for the Göta Canal. 


Distance Stockholm - Göta Canal (Mem)

How long does it really take to get from Stockholm to the Göta Canal? There seem to be as many answers to that question as there are skippers who have made the journey. It all depends, of course, on which boat you have, whether it is a motorboat or a sailboat, and if in that case, you expect to sail as much as possible or intend to use an engine to be able to continue even when the wind is unfavourable.

Of course, it also depends on where in Stockholm you start your journey. If you have the boat on Lake Mälaren, the route south through the Södertälje canal is preferable. This also applies to those travelling from Lidingö, where the route via Hammarby lock and Södertälje is the shortest. From Nacka, via Nynäshamn, eastern Landsort and Arkösund, the distance to Mem is approximately 105 nautical miles. You can also choose to go due west at Öja (Landsort) and travel through the dense and beautiful archipelago at Oxelösund and Arkösund. The latter is well worth the extra time compared to going faster, outside the archipelago. 


Sights to see on the way to the Göta Canal

There is of course as much to see and experience on the route  from Stockholm to Mem, and you can spend several weeks just along the coast. But if the goal is to also manage a canal trip on holiday, we recommend that you aim to make it to the Göta Canal in 2-4 days. For those who wish to do so, it is possible to make the journey in roughly one day, but then speed will be your main experience along the way. 

On your trip south, we think you shouldn't miss the Stendörren nature reserve between Nyköping and Trosa. Here is the Västra Stendörren natural harbour where you can stay for a maximum of two nights, there are suspension bridges to walk on between the rocks and a Naturum displaying the natural, environmental and cultural history of the Baltic Sea and the archipelago. 

Once you have passed Arkösund, which can be a good place for a night stop, and continue into Lake Slätbaken, you will reach Stegeborg. There is a ruined castle, which is the remains of the medieval castle that barred entry into the Östergötland region for many centuries. Today the site has a marina, a restaurant and it is also possible to go on guided tours of the ruin.  


Tickets for the canal journey

When you get to Mem, there are a few different options, depending on how long you want to spend on the canal. Would you just like a brief taste of life on the canal, perhaps to see if you are ready for a longer canal trip on an upcoming holiday? If so, we recommend that you buy a mini trip. Would you like to make a longer trip, or even travel the entire Göta Canal? Then  buy a regular ticket for the distance you would like to travel. You can choose to turn around either on Lake Roxen, Lake Vättern or Lake Vänern. 


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Mini Trips

Try life on the canal!

For those who want to see what it's like to travel on the Göta Canal and perhaps travel through a lock for the first time, we recommend the mini trip.
The mini trip is a special offer that can be booked during the high season for four specially selected routes.
The route Mem - Söderköping is available from the Baltic Sea.

Segelbåt på väg mot Söderköpings hamn

Mini trip Mem - Söderköping

The ticket includes a round trip journey between Mem and Söderköping, as well as three overnight stays in one of the guest harbours. You will experience both the tranquil, picturesque Mem, and the bustling summer atmosphere of Söderköping. Along the way, you will pass 3 different locks.


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