Övre slussen i Trollhättan

From Gothenburg to the Göta Canal

Did you know that you can travel from Gothenburg to The Göta Canal, and have a really memorable experience while you do? The first part of the trip is on the Göta River, via the magnificent locks in Trollhättan. Once you have crossed Lake Vänern, the Göta Canal awaits, considerably more picturesque and a lovely contrast for you as a traveller. 


Distance from Gothenburg to The Göta Canal (Sjötorp)

To get to The Göta Canal from Gothenburg, you need to go up the Göta river and the Trollhätte canal. The canal has a length of 82 km, of which 10 km has been excavated and blasted. The rest is a natural fairway on the Göta river. After Vänersborg you exit onto Lake Vänern and from there you have 64 nautical miles to Sjötorp, where the Göta Canal begins. 

Depending on the type of boat you have, it takes 1-2 days to cross Vänern, and you should also add on 1-2 days to get through the Trollhätte Canal. Just like on the Göta Canal, we recommend that you take your time so that the journey is more enjoyable than stressful. 


Things to see along the way

The Trollhätte Canal is an experience in itself, and has been a transport route for boats to and from Vänern for over 200 years. There are 12 bridges along the route and the level difference of a total of 44 metres is managed via six locks. Despite its age, the locks on the canal are now modern constructions, with electrical/mechanical operation and double gates at the bottom that ease the water flows during both emptying and filling. It is an awesome experience to travel through the big locks with your own leisure boat, which often feels small relative to the big lock chambers. 

Once you get out on Lake Vänern, Läckö Castle is one of the major sights. The baroque castle with its pinnacles and towers stands on a headland on Kållandsö in the Eken archipelago, just outside Lidköping. There is also a protected guest harbour here, where you can dock. Nearby is also Naturum Vänerskärgården with the popular restaurant Hvita Hjorten. If you'd rather enjoy some hustle and bustle, there is the Spiken fishing harbour, which is one of Europe's largest lake fishing harbours. 

In the middle of Lake Vänern lies Djurö National Park. With its 35 islands, it is a true gem in the middle of Lake Vänern, and here there are several lovely natural harbours for visitors looking for somewhere to dock their boat. 


Tickets for the canal journey

When you arrive at Sjötorp, there are a couple of different options, depending on how long you want to spend on the Göta Canal. Would you just like to try life on the canal, perhaps to see if you are ready for a longer canal trip on an upcoming holiday? If so, we recommend that you buy a mini trip. Would you like to make a longer trip, or even travel the entire Göta Canal? Then buy a regular ticket for the distance you would like to travel. You can choose to turn around either on Lake Vättern, Lake Roxen or at Slätbaken on the Baltic coast. 


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Mini trips

Try life on the canal!

For those of you who have already decided that you are going to holiday on Lake Vänern, but want to see what it's like to travel on the Göta Canal
 and maybe travel through a lock for the first time, we recommend the mini trip. The mini trip is a special offer that can be booked during the high season
 for four specially selected routes. The route Sjötorp - Lyrestad is available from Lake Vänern. 

Segelbåt slussar i Sjötorp

Mini trip Sjötorp - Lyrestad

The ticket includes a round trip journey between Sjötorp and Lyrestad, as well as three overnight stays in one of the guest harbours. Take the opportunity to experience the bustling, high-season atmosphere at Sjötorp, and the tranquility of the idyllic Lyrestad harbour. Along the way, you will pass 8 locks and 2 bridges.


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