S/Y Lizella between Lyrestad and Norrkvarn
S/Y Lizella between Lyrestad and Norrkvarn
S/Y Lizella between Lyrestad and Norrkvarn
24 Jul - 15 Aug

S/Y Lizella between Lyrestad and Norrkvarn

This tour starts from Lyrestad and goes up to Norrkvarn. There you can eat a bite to eat and explore the Children's Canal, or buy a glass before we go back to Lyrestad.

Product description

A trip with S/Y Lizella is perfect for those who want to join in and test the boating along the Göta canal. You get to be active and help with the boat, pull in tugs and help when the boat is lowered and raised with the help of the locks.


The journey to Norrkvarn takes approximately 45 minutes one way.


Wednesdays and Thursdays

Departure at 11:30 from Lyrestad's gästhamn.

Departure at 1.30 pm from Norrkvarn

What is included in the price?

Round-trip ticket

Safety briefing and practical information 15 minutes before departure.

Life vest

Other information:

Maximum number of people on board is six.

The trip must be booked no later than three days before departure.

Remember to wear clothes according to the weather.

Welcome on board!

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