The Göta canal - The blue waterway across Sweden
26 May - 31 Dec

The Göta canal - The blue waterway across Sweden

The Göta canal is living history, the great vision that came true. It was a dream that had been nurtured for centuries, perhaps already by Gustav Vasa; the dream of building a canal joining the North Sea with the Baltic Sea. It was completed in 1832.

Product description

The Göta Canal has something to offer everyone. In the summer, a vast number of visitors come here to enjoy the canal and its beautiful surroundings, either travelling by boat or canoe, or cycling along the water. There are many intresting places to visit an excellent selection of restaurants to enjoy.

Many return to the Göta Canal again and again. These, as well as the first time visitor, will find this a knowledgeable and inspiring book, full of fantastic pictures. We get to know about the interesting history, and we are offered many useful tips and good advice on what to see on our journey along the blue waterway across Sweden