Rent your own boat and discover boating and locks on your own!
Rent your own boat and discover boating and locks on your own!

Rent your own boat and discover boating and locks on your own!

Rent a boat and discover for yourself what boating along the Göta canal has to offer. Göta Kanal Charter wants to make your trip on your own a memorable experience!

The total amount of renting a boat with Kanal Charter is boat rental + canal ticket, this is specified at final payment.

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Product description

Göta Kanal Charter aims to make your trip on the Göta Canal and Kinda Canal a fantastic and memorable experience! We design the routes, guide and demonstrate the sights along your journey. The size of the boats is from 7.6m - 12m and are usually rented weekly (Sat-Sat).

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Your journey will start and end in Motala.

You will choose from three different routes: Green, Blue or Red.

Green route: Motala - Kinda - Motala. Valid only for the boats: Delphia Escape, Nano, Albin 25.

Blue route: Motala - Söderköping - Motala. Valid for all boats, but especially for the electric boats Sigrid, Sophia and Caspian.

Red route: Motala - Sjötorp - Motala. Applicable to all boats but can be recommended for a two-week trip or for the more experienced skipper or returning guests. The route requires crossing Lake Vättern.

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You pick up the boat on Saturday between 12-14.00 and leave on Saturday at 9.00. When you arrive, you get a manual on how everything works on board, you read the manual yourself while going through the boat in peace and quiet. When you are ready, we go through the boat together and answer any questions, it usually takes about 20 minutes. All boats are handed out at the same time so it may take some time before we get to your particular boat, but don't panic, the departure is scheduled to start Sunday morning and now you can take it easy and start enjoying your vacation. The boats are located in the canal at Motala Verkstad, here are grocery stores, café and restaurant within walking distance and it is a perfect location to be able to test drive the boat in peace and quiet. If you want to come the day before, there are accommodations just a few hundred meters from the harbor. If the time of pick-up and turn-in does not meet your schedule, it may be possible to change the time for an extra fee, in that case, get in touch well in advance so we have a chance to plan for this.

There are public parking lots near the harbor, but these are not signposted long-term parking and are normally only valid for 24 hours. We can offer parking in our locked boat hall located right at the harbor where you pick up the boats. It is possible to book a parking space when you arrive.

Find us at: Bona Folkhögskola, Svarta gatan, 591 46 Motala.

Experience and competence

For this reason, we require that you who rent a boat can show that you have some form of nautical competence and experience, where documented or witnessed experience is more important than a paper showing that you have participated in course activities. The requirements can differ from boat to boat and also vary depending on the waters in which the sailing takes place.


All boats are fully insured through Länsförsäkringar.

On all our rental boats there is safety equipment in the form of life jackets in standard size (we have a small number of odd sizes, check with us, otherwise we recommend that you bring your own) and first aid.

The boats are well equipped with GPS plotters and maps for navigation.

If you feel unsafe, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution. Nothing is more important than your safety.

If you have more specific questions about boats, tours, etc. contact

Keep in mind that Göta Kanal Charter has special conditions for its boats and you can read more about it here: