Söderköping – Häradsskär – Capella Ecumenica – Söderköping
29 Jun - 17 Aug

Söderköping – Häradsskär – Capella Ecumenica – Söderköping

During this trip with M/S Joséphine you will experience the unique combination of both the Göta canal and the S:t Anna archipelago

Product description

The journey starts in Söderköping and goes through two locks out onto Slätbaken as Strandhugg we do on the beautiful archipelago island Capella Ecumenica, Hilding Bielkhammar's life's work. For about 30 minutes, we experience the Ecumenical Church with a tour.

After the visit to Capella Ecumenika, we continue our journey. Lagnö is passed and we continue towards the Gryts archipelago where we make a beach break at Häradsskär for an hour before turning back towards Söderköping.

Departure and arrival time

10.00 Departure Söderköping

19.00 Arrival in Söderköping


For parking in Söderköping, we recommend Stinsen/Resecentrum on Margaretagatan, about 400 meters from Kanalhamnen.


Unfortunately, wheelchairs cannot be taken on this tour, walkers are fine.

Food on board

Lunch can be pre-ordered in connection with booking. You can see the different food options in step 2 of the booking. You can also indicate whether you want a gluten- or lactose-free diet.

Food brought on board may not be consumed on board.

Other information

Dogs are allowed on board and the group can then sit outside on the sun deck. Fill in the box in the last step of the booking if you want to bring a dog, so that the crew can show up for you on the sun deck.

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Product Book Söderköping – Häradsskär – Capella Ecumenica – Söderköping