Day trip from Söderköping to Norsholm
Day trip from Söderköping to Norsholm
Day trip from Söderköping to Norsholm
Day trip from Söderköping to Norsholm
1 Jul - 14 Aug

Day trip from Söderköping to Norsholm

Göta Canal cruise from Söderköping to Norsholm through 12 locks with M/S Göta Lejon.

Product description

This day trip starts in the medieval trading town of Söderköping and then heads west. The ship M/S Göta Lejon takes you past Söderköping's old dock and Mariehof's castle building from the 14th century.

You can lock through Carlsborg's double locks that lift the ship 20 meters above the sea and then go through one of the more difficult passages on the Göta Canal. The lock there is called Klämman and got its name from the fact that the channel there is sandwiched between high hills. Further on, you pass Västra Husby church, which was built in the 12th century and dedicated to the Norwegian king Sankt Olof. He came to these parts in the 12th century to Christianize the then pagan population. After that, the ship crosses Lake Asplången and the locks Hulta and Brådtom before approaching Norsholm, which was once an important railway junction.

Departure times

10.00 Departure from Söderköping

14.00 Arrival at Norsholm

14.30 Departure from Norsholm

18.30 Arrival in Söderköping


On some dates the boat departs as early as 09.00 from Söderköping. We therefore ask you to check your booking confirmation for the departure time for your particular trip.

Food on board

  • Lunch can be pre-ordered in connection with booking. You can see the different food options in step 2 of the booking. You can also indicate whether you want a gluten- or lactose-free diet.
  • On board there is a bar with full rights, a cafeteria and a restaurant for those who do not want to pre-book what to eat. There is also a larger menu with starters, main courses, vegetarian, desserts, sandwiches and pastries, as well as lactose- and gluten-free options.
  • Self-brought food may not be consumed on board.


If you need to book a space for a wheelchair, please contact the shipping company directly with your booking. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take a permobile on board M/S Göta Lejon.

Other information

Dogs are allowed on board but the group needs to sit outside on the sun deck. Dogs are welcome on board, but you may only sit outside on the sun deck. Fill in the box in the last step of the booking if you want to bring a dog, so that the crew set the table for you on the sun deck.

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