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Norrköping - with Mem & Norsholm

The history of Norrköping takes off in the 17th century when the Dutch businessman Louis de Geer settled in the city. He founded several industries, including a paper mill, a clothing factory, a weapons factory and a shipyard. Today it is one of Sweden's largest cities known for its yellow trams and old industrial buildings. Everything from shopping and city life to history walks and boating is offered here. Visit Löfstad Castle to get a historical insight or why not take a turn along the famous Södra Promenaden. Just outside the city, you can also experience the Östgöta archipelago and explore several beautiful islands via boat.

In Norrköping there is a large selection of restaurants and cafes. Just outside the city, you will find Kanalmagasinet in Mem, which offers a locally produced menu. In the same building, there is also a popular cafe that serves more moderate coffee. A few miles outside of Norrköping you will also find Brådtom Slusscafé, a rural and picturesque cafe located right next to the Göta Canal. Light lunches, sandwiches and ice cream are served here with a fantastic view.


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