Quick facts about the Göta Canal

The Göta Canal stretches between Sjötorp on Lake Vänern and Mem at the Baltic, with 58 locks along the way. A total of 190 km, of which only 87 km are man-made. The canal’s highest point, 91.8 m above sea level, is Lake Viken. Combined with the Trollhätte Canal, from Vänersborg to Gothenburg, the Göta Canal forms a water route from coast to coast.

Information for pleasure craft

Maximum boat dimensions
Length: 30 m
Width: 7 m
Maximum draught: 2.82 m
Height: 22
Maximum speed: 5 knots
Number of locks: 58
Length of the canal: 190 km, 87 km excavated canal
Highest elevation above sea level: 91.8 m


Nautical charts

Chart Göta kanal och Trollhätte kanal, Mem-Göteborg. Sjöfartsverket, 2011.
Nautical chart for recreational boating, Göta Canal, Mem–Sjötorp, and Trollhätte Canal, Vänersborg-Göteborg, including Lake Vättern and Lake Vänern.

The chart covers the whole route from Mem to Göteborg and all of Lake Vättern as well as the southern part af Lake Vänern. Also features canal and marina descriptions in Swedish and aerial photos of the marinas in the Göta Canal and Vättern. 

Chart No. 8. Göta kanal & Trollhätte kanal (Swedish/German),
Nautical Publications, Germany, 2011
Covers the Mem-Göteborg stretch, including passage over Lakes Vättern and Vänern. Includes a description of sights in Swedish and German.

The charts are for sale at the entrance points to the Göta Canal in Mem and Sjötorp as well as in Motala.


Trollhätte Canal
Many pleasure craft travelling the Göta Canal continue on through Sweden to the opposite coast. This takes them through another canal – the Trollhätte Canal, 6 locks, between Lake Vänern and Gothenburg.

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