Waiting times

I’ve been waiting at the bridge for at least 15 minutes and it’s not opening.

  1. If several remote-controlled bridges are controlled from the same place, there may be a certain wait.
    For safety reasons, the lock keeper can only open one bridge at a time.
  2. Most bridges are remote-controlled and the lock keeper must be able to see you on camera. It is important to position yourself right at the bridge to show that you want to pass.
    If you are at a lay-by or quay, the lock keeper will assume you’re in no hurry with the bridge opening.
    Read more about bridges with fixed opening hours under Bridge opening hours.

Why do I have to wait so long at flights of locks?
This is because lockage goes in one direction through the whole flight of locks before the direction changes.

Why should passenger boats have priority in the locks so that the rest of us have to wait?
All commercial vessels have priority at locks and bridges. This means you may have to wait until they have passed through the lock or bridge.

How can I get information on why I have to wait so long?

  1. Lighted signs at flights of locks and certain bridges indicate the next lockage time or opening time.
  2. Read in the Skippers’ Guide about bridges with special opening times. See also above under Bridge opening times.
  3. Ask your nearest lock keeper.
  4. During office hours (weekdays 9–16) you can phone the Göta Kanalbolag on 0141-20 20 50.

Why do you sometimes close the canal for a few hours to regulate the water? What is that?
It is absolutely critical that the canal has the right water level. We sometimes need to regulate the water level on a given stretch of the canal. The lock keepers will let you know how long it will take.