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Live life at five knots

The classic holiday trip, Göta Canal is 190 km of experiences! We promise that you will have an adventure full of gorgeous countryside, small-town idylls, great food, new encounters, peace and quiet and teamwork. 


Booking season: May 2 - June 10
High season: June 11 - August 15
Booking season: August 16  - September 30

This is how it works

Buy a canal ticket for the Göta Canal

You can buy a ticket for the Göta Canal through our online booking service. There, you choose which section you wish to cruise and whether you wish to travel during the booking season or the high season. If you choose the booking season, you will also need to select a start date for your journey. During high season, you may travel without pre-booking any particular date. Then you will need to provide contact information as well as information about your boat, to receive your ticket price and proceed to pay by card. You are free to cancel or change your booking up until the beginning of your journey.


During high season you may also pay on arrival at the Göta Canal. You can pay by card at one of our canal offices, where our lock-keepers will assist you.


When you check in to your journey at the canal office you will receive a ticket flag from the lock-keeper. This shows that you have paid for your ticket, as well as indicating which section of the canal you will be travelling. The flag is attached to the boat and must remain, clearly visible, throughout the entire journey

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Three stories from Göta Canal

We asked our guests to tell us about their canal trips. These are their canal stories! 

Life at five knots