Formal inauguration of the Göta Canal 1832 On 26 September 1832, the Göta Canal was inaugurated at Mem amid great pomp and circumstance in the presence of King Karl XIV and his family.

A beautiful history

The idea of the canal was actually born out of anger at the heavy duties exacted by Denmark for using the Great Belt for shipping. Baltzar von Platen started construction on the Göta Canal in 1810, and by 1832 the entire canal was completed. The Göta Canal is by far one of the biggest construction projects ever in Sweden. Measuring 190 km in length, with 58 locks, the canal stretches from Sjötorp on Lake Vänern to Mem on the Baltic. Of that distance, 87 km is man-made.

Quite simply, it’s a unique canal with a beautiful history.

Come and experience it for yourself!

Motala Harbour

This picture shows Motala Harbour with the AB Göta kanalbolag headquarters in the background.