Try blacksmithing. Only in Swedish
Try blacksmithing. Only in Swedish
12 Jul

Try blacksmithing. Only in Swedish

Experience the old shipyard in Sjötorp and try your hand at blacksmithing!  An introduction to the art of blacksmithing in the old shipyard in Sjötorp. A smithy from 1810 when the construction of the Göta Canal began.

Product description

The forge has two axes and four anvils, so the maximum number of participants is eight. The forge is a sooty and noisy place where glowing iron is used, so it is advisable to wear loose clothing. Gloves, hearing protection and safety glasses are also useful. There will be a demonstration of tools (including old ones) and equipment in a forge. This is followed by practical training at the forges and anvils. Hopefully this will result in the occasional hook, nail or bottle opener as a souvenir. 

"Smekaffe" with accessories is included during the day - welcome!

When: Wednesday, July 12, 13:00 - 17:00.

8 seats (age limit 15 years) 

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