Museum of Östergötland
Museum of Östergötland
Museum of Östergötland
Museum of Östergötland
27 Jul - 31 Aug

Museum of Östergötland

Welcome to the Museum of Östergötland!Buy your entrance ticket here.There is always something exciting to discover among cultural treasures of various kinds. The range of exhibitions and activities is large and everyone is equally welcome; young and old, young and old. The building also houses a county art consultant, building conservators, archaeologists, conservators, archives and a library. We also have a restaurant and a museum shop.

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Visit Östergötland Museum and see our fantastic exhibitions! 

In our new art exhibition Realities we explore how people depict themselves, others and their surroundings in European art. The visitor is guided through rooms with interactive experiences and exciting stories.

Our new cultural history exhibition The Road to Here is a journey back in time. The journey starts in the present and goes back 11 000 years, to when the inland ice melted. The starting point is Östergötland and the Östergötland landscape. 

Viljan's world is a fantastic experience for families with children. There are also interesting things for adults, who can go on exciting explorations together with their children and grandchildren.

At Östergötland Museum we always have temporary exhibitions with different themes, which you can take part in. 

Welcome to the museum!

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