Boat trip with M/S Göta Lejon One-way and Round trip

Boat trip with M/S Göta Lejon One-way and Round trip

We depart with the cruise ship M/S Göta Lejon from Östergötland's old trading town Söderköping. Choose between single trip or round trip. Read more below or on each product.

Product description

Söderköping - Norsholm: We depart with the cruise ship M/S Göta Lejon from the old trading town of Söderköping in Östergötland. After Söderköping's bridge, we pass Söderköping's old ship dock before we arrive at our next lock called Duvkullen. Here we also pass Mariehof's castle building from the 14th century. In its dark basement vault once sat Russian prisoners of war who were involved in digging the Göta Canal. 

We lock through Karlsborg's long lock staircase that raises us 20 meters above sea level. Furthermore, we lock through the most difficult passage on the Göta Canal. The lock is called Klämman and is named because the canal is wedged between the high hills on both sides. We pass Västra Husby Church, built in the 12th century and dedicated to St. Olof, a Norwegian king who came here in the 12th century to Christianize the pagan population living here.

We pass the bridge Snövelstorp. It was here that our then King Charles the 14th Johan's ship Esplendian docked to drop off the king who was tired of the slow speed of the Göta Canal. He continued his journey on horseback down to Mem to inaugurate the Göta Canal on September 26, 1832.

We cruise out on Lake Asplången, around the lake are three large farms, Luddingsbo, Minsjö and Hulta farm. The farm Hulta has given its name to the next lock we come to. We lock through Bråttom. The name comes from the fact that a ship once was in too much of a hurry and could not stop but ran straight into the lock gates.

We approach our destination Norsholm which is an old railroad junction. Here in Norsholm is also one of Östergötland's largest farms Norsholms Gård.

Söderköping - Arkösund: Göta Canal cruise from Söderköping to Arkösund and visit to Capella Ecumenica with M/S Göta Lejon.

With M/S Göta Lejon you will experience two world attractions in the same day. The Göta Canal and the Swedish archipelago.

The journey goes through the Göta Canal, this magnificent construction work that began in 1810 and was completed in 1832.

We pass Tegelbrukets lock on to the lock in Mem where the Göta Canal was inaugurated in 1832 by our then King Karl XIV Johan, Queen Desideria and the Crown Prince couple Oscar and Josefina.

The journey takes us further out into Slätbaken, a long Baltic Sea bay whose shores are lined with castles and mansions. The oldest castle from the 15th century is Stegeborg Castle Ruin, which we pass at close range. We stop at the beautiful archipelago island Västra Gärdsholmen and Capella Ecumenica, - Hilding Bielkhammar's life's work. After about 4 hours we arrive at the old fishing village Arkösund.

Departures Söderköping - Norsholm:

Departure from Söderköping at 10.00 with arrival at Norsholm at 14.00.

Departure from Norsholm at 14.30 with arrival in Söderköping at 18.30.

Departures Söderköping - Arkösund:

Departure from Söderköping at 10.00 with arrival in Arkösund at 14.00.

Departure from Arkösund at 14.30 with arrival in Söderköping at 18.30.

Other information

Full bar, cafeteria and restaurant. Food can of course be purchased on the boat. Larger menu is on board with lots of appetizers, hot dishes, vegetarian, desserts, sandwiches, pastries. also hot dog bar / ice cream on the sun deck, full rights. There are also lactose and gluten-free options. 

Reservations for wheelchair users should be made directly with the supplier. It is not possible to get on or off in Arkösund with a wheelchair. It is not possible to book a place for a permobile.

All trips must be booked in advance.

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