Transport across lakes

You can load your bike on board and sail across Lakes Viken, Roxen and Vättern. You’ll save yourself miles of cycling around the lakes, leaving you time to enjoy the car-free cycling along the Canal itself.

Lake Viken*
Tåtorp lock - Brosundet
+46 (0)70-530 86 37, (0)506-530 86., Jonas Fällström.
6 - 8 passengers, depending on luggage.

Lake Roxen*
• Berg locks-Norsholm
• Berg locks-Linköping
• Norsholm-Linköping
+46 (0)70-60 60 661, Anders Nilsson
6 - 8 passengers, depending on luggage.

Lake Vättern*
M/Y Modig offers a boat transfer over Lake Vättern
You can book a boat transfer over Lake Vättern, between Karlsborg and Motala.

Mondays and Fridays
Dep. Karlsborg at. 10.30 AM
Arr. Port Motala at. 12:00 PM

Dep. Karlsborg at. 5.00 PM
Arr. Port Motala at. 6.30 PM

Single trip SEK 650 per person
Bike SEK 150

Booking M/Y Modig:
Mariestads Skärgårdstrafik AB
Phone: +46 (0)501-51470
Mobile: + (0)70-526 56 21

*You must pre-order your trip on each boat.