How we handle the Coronavirus (covid-19) along the Göta Canal

At the Göta Canal Company, we want our visitors to feel safe throughout their visit. This is of course the case in any year, but it is something requiring special attention during the ongoing Corona pandemic. This is why we, our staff, and business owners along the Göta Canal are working together to make your stay as safe as possible.


We continuously monitor the covid-19 situation, following the recommendations we receive from relevant authorities. We do everything in our power to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.


As a visitor, you also have a personal responsibility to limit the spread of the disease. Before your journey, we therefore ask you to review the latest information from Folkhälsomyndigheten (the Swedish Public Health Agency) about the general status of covid in Sweden. If you have any questions about what advice applies for traveling to Sweden, you can read more on the website of the Swedish Police.



If you need any assistance or have any questions with regard to your booking, please contact us at +46(0)141-20 20 50 or Our staff will handle your queries Mon-Fri 09:00-16:00.


Will it be safe to visit the Göta Canal this year?
Many things are the way they always were, along the 190 kilometres of the canal. There are vast, open spaces here, and plenty of room for outdoor experiences. We have 21 guest harbours, with approximately 500 spaces available every day. This gives a total of about 30,000 harbour spaces during high season. Additionally, there is the option of staying overnight in one of the natural harbours, found on the lakes along the Göta Canal.

For those of you wishing to avoid crowded places, there are plenty of options to plan your visit to avoid the second half of July, when we expect the most visitors. Another thing worth considering is to really take your time, and ask lock keepers along the way for directions to quieter harbours. When you disembark and visit harbour facilities, we urge you to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency, i.e. keep your distance and wash your hands often.


How will my journey be impacted?
For those of you travelling and staying aboard your own boat, a journey along the Göta Canal is almost like staying at home. You remain in control of your own surroundings and can feel just as safe as you would at home. We will normally let a maximum of four boats into a lock at any one time, and often fewer than that, depending on the size of the craft. Our greatest challenge is the shared amenities buildings, where all visitors need to help out and act responsibly, to make them a safe environment.


Actions we’ve taken:

  • We have improved and expanded our cleaning procedures, in collaboration with our contractors.
  • In addition to the usual cleaning procedures, all surfaces are disinfected on every cleaning occasion. We disinfect handles, knobs, flush buttons, switches etc. - practically any place you would hold or press.
  • All our amenities buildings have soap, so that you can wash your hands often.
  • We provide hand sanitizer for all boats checking in to the Göta Canal.
  • Lock keepers at Mem and Sjötorp have been given iPads so that they can interact with visitors and check in boats outdoors.
  • There is signage at all locks, urging people to keep their distance, both from visitors and staff.


What we ask you to do:

  • If possible, please use your own toilet, shower and kitchen facilities, thereby minimising pressure on our amenities buildings.
  • Take your time during your journey, so that you may use guest harbour facilities during less busy times, such as during the day.
  • If there are people waiting in line, queue outdoors, both for amenities buildings and canal offices.
  • Follow recommendations on the maximum number of people allowed, at the amenities facilities, where such are posted.
  • Use hand sanitizer in all situations where you are not able to wash your hands with soap and hot water.
  • Keep your distance from other guests and our staff. We kindly request you to not moor on the outside of another boat, so that you would need to cross it to disembark. If this is not possible, it is better to choose a different guest harbour.
  • Act carefully and cautiously both for your own sake and others’.


Can I cancel my trip if I am worried?
For as long as there is no official decision from the authorities to close the Göta Canal, normal cancellation rules apply, in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions for pleasure craft travel on the Göta Canal. According to these, you can cancel your ticket at any time prior to checking in to the canal. We will refund your entire purchase, minus an administration fee of 250 SEK. If new decisions were to be made by the authorities, we will inform our guests and act accordingly.


What happens if I fall ill?
Keep your distance and return home immediately if you are ill and unable to isolate on your boat or inside your camper van. Talk to a lock keeper or call our customer service if you need to leave your boat in a guest harbour to go home. Also note that you are not allowed to use public transport if you have a confirmed covid-19 infection.