Trailer ramps along the Göta Canal

AB Göta kanalbolag has no own trailer ramps, but there are several ramps along the canal for those who need to board or pick up their boat along the way.

The ramp belongs to the Sjötorp boat club and may be used for a fee. Boot available.
For information, please contact Café Baltzar, +46 70-665 07 50,

The boat club has a cast ramp close to the canal bridge. Voluntary fee. Parking and rest area available. Boot available.

Cast ramp below the lock. Voluntary fee. Boot available.

Cast ramp by the Stenbryggan marina in Lake Vättern. Fee SEK 40. Boot available. For information, please contact Hans Lindmark, +46 70-605 06 26.

Tegelviken Boat club
Double ramp (jetty on both sides). Fee SEK 40.
For information, contact:


Motala Boatyard

Motala, Lake Boren
Boren Sailing club, south of Borenshult locks, Motala. Cast ramp. Fee SEK 20. Boot available. For information, contact Motala Touristinfo, +46 141-101 205.

Borensberg Boat club. Ramp in Motala ström. The key to the bolt is picket up at Borensbergs Järn, Hysbyvägen 9, Borensberg, +46 141-400 08.

Stegeborg marina, by the entrance to the Göta Canal, east of Mem Lock
Cast trailer ramp. Only passenger car / light truck allowed on the ramp. Boats max. 2 tonnes. Fee, boot available. Parking. Stegeborg guest harbor,  +46 121-420 01.