Nautical charts

The canal offices at the Göta Canal entrances in Sjötorp and Mem have two different nautical charts, which cover the Göta Canal, for sale.

Nautical chart, the Göta Canal and the Trollhätte Canal, Mem-Göteborg. Swedish Maritime Administration.
Cover the route Mem-Gothenburg, the whole of Lake Vättern and the southern part of Lake Vänern. Also contains a separate canal and marina description with aerial photographs of the marinas in the Göta Canal and Lake Vättern as well as canal description for the the Trollhätte Canal. (In Swedish)


Nautical chart No. 8, the Göta Canal & the Trollhätte Canal. Bilingual Swedish / German. Nautical Publications.
Cover the route Mem-Göteborg including the passage over Lake Vättern and Lake Vänern. Contains descriptions of sights of interest.


At the canal offices, the Swedish Maritime Administration's nautical carts are also available for the whole of Lake Vänern and for the east coast. In addition, a number of other canal related books and marina guides are available for sale.