Maximum size for boats

The Göta Canal stretches between Sjötorp by Lake Vänern and Mem by the Baltic Sea and has 58 locks. The total length of the canal is 190 km, of which 87 km is manmade canal. The canal reaches its highest point, 91.8 m, in Lake Viken. Together with the Trollhätte Canal, the Göta Canal forms a waterway across Sweden from coast to coast.

Maximum size for boats on the Göta Canal

Length: 30 m
Width: 7 m
Depth: 2.82 m
Height: 22 m
Highest speed: 5 knots

Note that the full length is counted, including any bathing bridge, dinghy or the like.
Sailing-free height applies only in the middle of the channel. In some places, overhanging branches may be from the tree-lined trees.


Maximum size for the Trollhätte Canal

Length: 88 m
Width: 13.2 m
Depth: 5.4 m
Height: 27 m

For more information about the Trollhätte Canal, contact the Swedish Maritime Administration / Trollhätte Canal