Family adventure, by bike, along the Göta Canal

Sjötorp, Mariestad
Experience Göta Canal by bike along the car-free bike path at the canal. On your way you pass many locks and have time to discover a miniature of the entire channel in Norrkvarn. 1 day package starting in Sjötorp.

You pedal down the car-free bike route along the Göta Canal, passing many locks along the way and observing a miniature of the whole canal in Norrkvarn.

Bicycle and adventure packages along the Göta Canal

The tour starts in the locality of Sjötorp, where the Göta Canal flows out in the lake Vänern.
You pick up your rent bike from the Sjötorp upplevelsecenter near the touristoffice.
You will also get a lunch packet from Maltes Fisk.
Then you start by cycling over the Göta Canal and turning to the left at the bicycle road. Soon you will cycle by the first locks, called Sjötorp 4 and 5. There are 8 locks in Sjötorp; and with help from these locks the Göta Canal is elevating 20 meters over the surface of the lake Vänern.

Close to the canal stands a Rune stone in a field. It has a very unusual decorative cross and on its backside is avery rare sign.

Before you reach Lyrestad you will pass the railwaybridge crossing the canal. In the old red storehouse there is a local museum with a large exhibition of local objects of historical interest. You will be passing under the E20 when you leave Lyrestad.

After a 10 km bike ride you will be reaching the Norrkvarn locks.
Here is a newly built hotel and restaurant, plus a miniature model of the Göta Canal.

Riksberg and Hajstorp
You travel 10 km further until you arrive Riksberg. Then you have only to cycle 500 m to come to Hajstorp.

When you arrive at Töreboda you have biked 20 km.
You decide yourself when you want to return to Sjötorp.

Back in Sjötorp you return your bikes, and then a well-deserved dinner will be served at restaurant Kajutan. You will stay overnight and have breakfast at the Sjötorp Hostel.

The Göta Canal is one of the largest construction projects ever undertaken in Sweden. The canal stretches from Sjötorp by Lake Vänern to Mem by Slätbaken, is 190 kilometres long and has 58 locks. Some 87 kilometres of this stretch is excavated canal. The smaller lakes you pass on the way make up 103 km of the canal's length.

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Contact information

Elfströmsväg 13
54266 Sjötorp
Phone: +46-50151133


Opening hours

1 May – 8 September

Price information

Adults: SEK 1590/person

Children 3-12 years: SEK 1090/person

Public transportation


Bicycle, bike service,
1 lunch pkg, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast
1 night in hostel
map and directions.

Distance 19 - 42 km (you can choose)

You can upgrade your accommodation to room with toilet and shower.+ SEK 300 / person.


Sjötorp is situated 20 kilometres north of Mariestad by Lake Vänern and Göta Canal runs along national road 26.
Bus: Travel with Västtrafik bus 502 from Mariestad to Sjötorp.
Train: Travel by train to Skövde, then catch a bus to Sjötorp via Mariestad.