Kanalbutiken 5 knop (The Canal store 5 knots)

Forsvik, Karlsborg

Why not take it easy for a while? Slow down and stop at our shop, right next to the canal's oldest sluice gate in Forsvik. Welcome in and enjoy the fragrance of tar and French natural soaps. Marine-coloured textiles, naval art and exclusively designed brass work.  

You can also buy sweets and old-fashioned juniper cordial if you're craving something sweet.

Contact information

Forsviks sluss
546 73 Forsvik
Phone: 46-0730444632

E-mail: lappkullans@telia.com

Opening hours


1 of May - 20 of June
Saturday - Sunday 11 am - 4 pm

21 of June - 15 of August
Monday - Sunday 10 am - 6 pm

21 of August - 12 of September
Saturday - Sunday 11 pm - 3 pm


The shop's named after the highest permitted speed on the canal. To live your life at 5 knots is something we should all embrace.


Welcome in!