Nature trails in Karlsborg


Nature trails in Karlsborg

Come to Karlsborg and hike in our beautiful surroundings!

Hiking in Karlsborg

Come to Karlsborg and hike in our beautiful surroundings!

'Bergslagsleden' connects from north and ends with stage 17 next to Stenkällegården in Tiveden.
From Stenkällegården you can go south on Västra Vätterleden with a total amount of 8 stages. (Stage 1-3 is in Karlsborg's municipality).

But there are also an amount of shorter trails.

Pack your ruck sack

In Granvik you can walk 'Granviksleden',
'Djäknarundan', Kungens växtrunda (The King's plant trail).
Torp- och kulturstigen (The croft- and cultural trail) next to Kroksjötorp, is a 7 km long trail where you among others pass the leavings from crofts. These places are marked and there are signs with information about those who once lived here. Along the trail there is also a rebuilt real charcoal-burner's hut with a fireplace.
Trails in the National park of Tiveden:
The shortest of them takes you to 'Stenkälla'. Another one leaps around lake Stora Trehörningen. During the summer and part of autumn the information centre is manned. Here you can get advice and recomendations. Be aware that Tiveden is strongly rugged and can therefore be strenuous to walk in.
Maps and descriptions about the trails in Tiveden you'll find at:

Information and maps for Västra Vätterleden and other trails in Skaraborg you can find at:

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