Churches in Karlsborg


Churches in Karlsborg

In Karlsborg's church district there are four communitys; Karlsborg, Undenäs, Mölltorp and Brevik

Brevik's church

The origin of the Brevik's church is believed to be medieval. It was restored in 1760. Among the inventory are an medieval crusifix and a pulpit from the 17:th century.

Here is also a 'cry stone' i.e. a memorial place for the widows to those fishermen who were taken by lake Vättern and never came back...

Forsviks church

Forsvik's church is situated along the road 202, just before you reach Forsvik from Karlsborg.
Forsvik's church was built 1934 with Undenäs old church as a model. In the church is a church ship imageing Axel Broströms först ship, the galeas Mathilda.

Mölltorp's Church

The interior in Mölltorps church has a late baroque character. Pulpit from the 17:th century and altar from 1684. Sculptured tombrail from 1682 and ceiling paintings from 1744.

At the graveyard is a miniature of the Geatish Arch.

Skaga stave church

Skaga stave church was built around year 1137. Around the well which is situated here arised, during heathen times, a cult centre. This made it natural to build a church right here
A new church was built 1960. This church was destroyed by fire at New years day in year 2000, but a replica has been built since then.

Undenäs church

Undenäs church is situated in the centre of Undenäs.
The church is titled 'The Tiveden Cathedral' and is the largest church in Skara episcopate's rural area. It was built in 1893 since the old church was destroyed by fire in 1890.

At the church yard is the old church place is marked with hedges and an altar.

Beside the altar the adulterine daughter of king Eric XIV, Constansia is buried beside her husband.

Thanks giving church -Karlsborg

Thanks giving church (Tacksägelsekyrkan), Norra skogen Karlsborg is Karlsborg's parish church since 1984.

The Garrison church - Karlsborg

The Garrison church, situated at the second level in the entranchement of the Karlsborg fortress. The purpose of the church was to be floor of the House in case of war.

The church was initiated in August 1869. The church room is built in new gothic style and here are place for 700 persons.

The Garrison church is no longer the parish church, but are sometimes used for weddings, confirmations and other Christian festivals.

Worth seeing is, among other things, the magnifique pendant, constructed and manufactured at the fortress, the glass crusifix made by the artist Erik Höglund from Boda Glassworks and the large weaving by the local artist Margareta Sandberg-Hög.

The Bocksjö chapel

The Bocksjö chapel is situated north of Karlsborg, along road 49. The chapel was built in 1906.
The chapel is a simple wood building and is very popular as wedding chapel.