The lake Vänern


With its splendid location on Lake Vänern, wich has 22 archipelagos, Mariestad offers excellent recreation and leisure opportunities.
The three open-air bathing areas all ideal for families are within cycling distance of the town centre. Ekudden, one kilometre from the town centre, also has heated pools. There is a marina in the very heart of the town and the river Tidan offers excellent fishing.

You dont need a boat to experience the islands of Lake Vänern. The islands of Torsö and Brommö are easilly accessible by car, bus or bike. Many people visit the islands for the beaches, craft shops, cafes and the fish-smoking house with its excellent food.

You reach the island by a gentle rounded bridge with a beautiful view overlooking Mariestad.
Torsö offers several bathing sites, the three most popular ones are Hattarevik, Sandvik och Skräddaretorp.
There is a camping ground on the island and private cabins for rent.
You can visit the local craftsmen, buy smoked fish and visit the church and Fågelö chapel. In addition there are also several ancient monuments.

You can find restaurant Brygghuset and a new campingsite right before the bridge on the mainland.
At Brommösund on the island Torsö you can eat fish on the jetty, the name of this restaurant is Hamnkrogen.


Brommö can be reached by the bridge to Torsö. The road twists and turns across the island through old farming communities until it reaches Laxhall where the Brommö ferry takes the visitors to Brommö.
Either with your own bicycle or one that can be hired from the ferryman. The walking and cycle paths lead past fine bathing bays, flat rocks with extensive views across the freshwater sea, perhaps to the Vänern countryside's biggest sand dunes on the north-west side of the island. Boat tourists can tie up at the nem visitor's landing stage.


Few places in Europe can compare with Vänern for the excellent and varied sport-fishing and our most popular fresh-water fishes.
Trolling for salmon and salmon trout in Lake Vänern is absolutely world class.

Angling does not require a fishing licence. You may angle, jig, spin, reel or fly fish from the shore or from a boat. Trolling is allowed in public water.

Public transportation


Vänern is Sweden's largest lake and the third largest in Europe after Onega and Ladoga. Vänern has Europe's largest freshwater archipelago with 22 800 islands, islets and skerries. Vänern's shores, including the archipelagos, measure almost 5000 km in length.