Vadsbo Museum


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Vadsbo Museum in Mariestad is located in the wings of the Marieholm county governor’s house and features the history of the community from prehistoric times until the 20th century.

In the Stable, the new permanent exhibition featuring a selection from the museum's collections. With the help of historical objects show Vadsbo Museum Mariestads emergence from prehistoric times to the early 1900s, rural development, the formation of the city administration and the county town.

In Industry, the East Stal Langan, presented Mariestads industrial history. There, reflected the city's industrial development, to the present day. An emphasis is made on the utility box that is one of the town, through the ages, most famous industrial product. The industry also appears Katrinefors oldest paper mill from 1872. The exhibition will also get a picture of the older and newer local companies, including Mariestads brewery, Nike, Kling Glass and Electrolux.

The museum's shop you will find in the Stable. There you can find our best selling product, a newly made copy of the utility box in several different sizes, tramp, pottery, birdhouses, jewelry, books for children and adults, and more. Many of the products come from the neighborhood.

Tourist Service Centres

This is one of Mariestads Tourist Info Points certified. Here you will find the main brochures of the area, maps, and get help from knowledgeable staff with easier questions. In Skaraborg are a large number Infopoints. You can recognize the places by the green authorization mark.

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Vadsbo Museum
Marieholmsbron 3
542 30 Mariestad
Phone: +46-501755830


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Opening hours 2017:
Tuesdays-Wednesdays 11.00-16.00

Extended opening hours during summer.

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