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Vreta kloster brewery

Ljungsbro, Linköping

At Vreta kloster brewery, we brew beer in the Belgian style with a connection to local history. The brewery is located in Vreta abbey parish only 800 meters from the ruins of Sweden's oldest abbey - Vreta abbey The abbey was active from 1101 to the 1580s. Here the nuns brewed beer - and archaeologists have found what they think was the nuns' brewhouse.

At the brewery, we hold tours and beer tastings. We tell you about how beer is made, what is special about beer in the Belgian style and what abbey beer really is. The tours and beer tastings are announced on our Facebook page:

During the summer we are open certain fixed times. These will be announced on our website and Facebook page. During these times you can come by to try our beer, talk to the brewer and maybe buy one of our stylish t-shirts, beer glasses or anything else we have in our shop.

Contact information

Blåsvädersgatan 7
585 73 Ljungsbro
Phone: 46-760356685


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