Motorhome parking Söderköping / Bergaskolan Moved to Viggebyvägen 13-15 from 1th of july


Welcome to a very centrally located parking lot with Söderköping's sights and restaurants close by. Here we use Bergaskolan's school yard to the summer open parking lot, located between Storån (small river) and Göta Canal.

OBS. Moved to Viggebyvägen 13-15 from 1 st. of july.

Contact information

Viggebyvägen 13-15
Phone: +46-12121621
Booking: +46-12121621


Opening hours

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Open: 2020-06-12 - 2020-08-30

Price information

SEK 150 / per night.

Public transportation


* Central location next to Storån,Viggebyvägen 13-15

* Access to fresh water.

* Garbage cans.

* Possibility of latrine & gray water drainage at Skeppdockan or Korskullens Camping (receipt of paid fee shown)

* Staff visits the place daily. Usually between 20:00 and 21:00.


From road E22: At the Shell station (crossing) towards Söderköpings Brunn straight ahead (Industrigatan) until you reach the stop.